Lactation Biscuit Box


Want some Lactation Biscuits but don't fancy baking them yourself? Look no further and pop these in your basket. Freshly baked to order within 48 hours of your purchase and sent first class; what more could you want as a breastfeeding Mum?


As with the Jessie Bakes Biscuit Mixes, the contents of these Biscuits are recognised Galactagogues - "Substances that improve milk supply". Packed full of Oats, Dark Chocolate, Dates, Flax, Chia, Brewers Yeast and Fenugreek; these biscuits are delicious and helpful when feeding those hungry babes. 


The biscuits are compeltely vegan - perfect if you are avoiding Dairy whilst feeding. They contain Chocolate and Soya Lactibs - therefore if you adhering to any sort of CMPA diet then please contact me and I can adjust things accordingly. 



Oats, Flour (Gluten), Sugar, Coconut, Dark Chocolate, Flax seeds, Chia, Fenugreek, Brewers Yeast & Oil.


The biscuits will be baked to order within 48 hours, posted within a further 12 and can be stored in a cool dry place for up to 5 days. 

Additional ingredients information / storage instructions will also be labelled clearly on the product itself.