Boo.b Real Chocolate Lactation Smoothie Sachets


Boo.b Real Chocolate Lactation Smoothie Sachets.  Made with all natural ingredients to be enjoyed by you & try to boost that wonderful milk supply. Boo-b ltd. is a wonderufl small business run by Mum and all round Power house Sabia. She started her business when faced with a reduced milk supply herself and now offers support and amazing product worldwide. These great smoothie sachets are made with all natural ingredinets, ready to try and boost your milk supply. 


Ingredients: Cocoa, flaxseed, brewers yeast and unrefined coconut sugar

Nutritional values: Per 200G 
Energy (Kj): 1600Kj / Energy (Kcal): 382Kcal 
Fat (of which):12.5g / Saturates: 4.44g 
Carbohydrates:32.4g Of which sugars: 26.9g 
Fibre: 21.2g | Protein: 24.4g  | Salt: 0.19g


Weight: 1 sachet: 21g


Making instructions:
Add contents of sachet to 1 cup milk (of choice) and 1/2 banana then blend. Add some rolled oats for extra thickness. Take two sachets a day for an extra boost. Do not exceed dose because it could lead to access wind for babies. 


Allergy advise:
Contains wheat gluten and traces of soya.