Boo-b Lotus Biscoff Smoothie Sachet


A recently added flavour to the Boo-b Smoothie blend family, the Lotus Biscoff flavour is here! Made with all natural ingredients to be enjoyed by you & try to boost that wonderful milk supply. Boo-b ltd. is a wonderufl small business run by Mum and Power house Sabia. She started her business when faced with a reduced milk supply herself and now offers support and amazing product worldwide. 


Ingredients: Lotus Biscoff biscuit, Cinnamon, Brewers Yeast.


Making instructions:
Add contents of sachet to 1 cup milk (of choice) and blend for 10 seconds only. Drink two sachets a day for best results. Do not exceed dose because it could lead to excess wind for babies.

Allergy advice:
​Contains wheat, gluten, traces of dairy and soya.