Hi, I’m Jessie: a Mother and a Nurse by day and a blogger-baker and picture-taker by night.


Welcome! Jessie Bakes is the proud home of all things Lactation, breastfeeding and baking for your family. As mentioned I am a Mother & one who is breastfeeding - subsequently creating a number of "lactation aiding" baked goods. This has resulted in the Jessie bakes Lactation Biscuit Mix range, baked to order products and accessories stocked in store. Looking for a gift for yourself or a newly breastfeeding Mum? You’re in the right place. 


The site is also home to the Jessie Bakes Recipe Blog designed to take you from your Breastfeeding Journey and into the Weaning stages, packed full of Baby led, family friendly ideas to feed those ever picky toddlers. The blog is also full of quick easy and healthy meals for busy week nights.


As a nurse, I bring an evidenced-based approach to all of my recipes, along with little nuggets of nutritional information to enable you to make the best choices for you and your family, without ever settling or compramising on taste and flavour.


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